Freeman Creek Trail Trip

September 7 - 9, 2001 - Photos by Lori Kessler

Proposed Addition to Golden Trout Wilderness

Photos and text by Lori Kessler

      Young Sequoias on trail -

Click on photos to enlarge -

 Harold Wood crawling out of chimney tree.  Thankfully, there were no bears sleeping inside!


Cynthia dwarfed by giant Sequoias on the trail.  Well, we all were! 


  Interesting rock formation north of the trail.  I thought it looked like an elephant's trunk.  I guess you had to be there.

      Wonderful view of the Needles -


 Sequoia snags in privately owned forest near Eva and Gordon's cabin.

  Most of the gang from the trip -

  Sequoias in a timbered area of privately owned land.  Notice how the Sequoias stand out alone.  Most of the pine has been taken.  In a pristine environment, Sequoias are mixed in with a variety of pines and cedar.

     A Sequoia that had been zapped by lightning this summer.  Wood was all around the base and within a hundred yards or more from the explosion.  Sequoias are so tall, they are prone to lighting strikes.  Thankfully, most survive, even with severe disfigurements. 

  A beautiful sunset to end a beautiful day.  Thank you, Carla, for showing us around this beautiful trail!  I can't wait to go back.

© 2001 Lori Kessler
Used by permission


© 2001 Carla Cloer

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